Allan David Moger

Santa Clara, CA. - Tel. (408) 667-4886 or email:


Management position in network / systems operations. Anything interesting always considered.


17 years of computer industry experience with increasing knowledge and responsibilities in Network, IT and data center management, infrastructure and customer service environments.


Permanent resident, no additional visa required.

Certifications and Training include:

* Novell Authorized Intranetware CNE - TCP/IP and RAS electives
* Cisco Network Professional Level Training (CCNP level)
* Microsoft MCP / MCSE Level Training
* SUN Microsystems Advanced Administration Training


Configuration and Administration Experience:


Hands on Hardware experience includes:






Cisco IOS 10 - 12. Solaris, Linux


Cisco 7600, 7500, 7200, 3600, etc. Foundry Big Iron routers


Novell 2.2 - 4.11 (10 yrs), Windows NT (7 yrs), Windows 3.0 - XP Pro, DOS


Cisco  6000, 4000, 3500, 2900 and Foundry switches


Multi-Platform WEB Servers, Firewalls, VPN, Proxies, Network Monitoring


Cisco, F5, Netscaler, Foundry Load Balancers


Checkpoint Firewall 1, Axent Eagle Raptor, Cisco PIX / FWSM Firewall, SOCKS


IBM and HP high end servers and storage solutions




HP, Dell and many other ranges of PC desktop


Script languages - UNIX shell, batch, HTML, Java Script and some C++


Complete range of printers, plotters, and other peripherals.


3/2006 - Present

Network Manager - Piczo Inc. (US - Permanent)

I am responsible for all aspects for Piczo’s customer facing and corporate networks. I am also responsible for other projects from time to time such as a recent collocation build-out in Ireland. When I started at Piczo they had almost no network at all and were relying on contractors and VARs to hold things together. They had significant bandwidth and user reach issues - most of their users are in Europe, which leads to interesting challenges. I designed and built them a state of the art network attached to diverse ISPs and new generation providers peering directly into European broadband provider networks.

I was involved in architecting our image storage solution. I managed our European collocation project comprising of eight racks in Dublin, Ireland from the idea to the implementation. The data center was live on line within three weeks of signing the paperwork and is currently working well and benefiting Piczo both in user experience and financially. I helped choose a new collocation facility and co-managed the equipment and network move of 20 racks from old to new last summer. I am quite involved with development, either finding solutions for them or steering them away from the odd misconceptions they sometimes have.

I do not have any direct reports at Piczo but work closely with the  current CTO and Director of Operations. I help them manage the team and utilize personnel when required for project work.

8/2001 – 2/2006

Managing Network Engineer - Shutterfly Inc. (US - Permanent)

I was responsible for all aspects of Shutterfly's customer facing and corporate networks. This includeed design, purchasing, build, maintenance, monitoring and security. When I joined Shutterfly we had a lot of legacy equipment that needed to be updated and we took the decision to move collocation facility to a more modern, carrier neutral facility. During this transition I implemented an entirely new, fully redundant network with redundant BGP peers, redundant high bandwidth MAN circuits, redundant firewalls and load balancers. I deployed used Cisco equipment, where appropriate, saving the company approximately one million dollars against list prices. Shutterfy had a typical bandwidth usage of 200 Mbit/s and the network had well over 2000 hosts including cutting edge storage devices and photo processing equipment. We employed cutting edge technology from our service provider to further save costs on Internet bandwidth.

This constantly growing and changing environment was technically challenging and interesting, it required a great deal of flexibility and often presented unique challenges which I met head on and overcame with an mixture of innovative methods and common sense. Shutterfly is now one of the few profitable dot coms, they went public late last year and I feel I helped get them to that point.

8/2001 - 11/2002

Senior Network Engineer - GoBeam Inc. (US - Permanent)

As the senior network engineer in GoBeam's operations and engineering department I am responsible for the design and day to day running of GoBeam's mixed VoIP and IP network over six data centers and three corporate offices. This includes maintaining BGP peering with several ISPs, OSPF, ACLs, NBAR, VLANs, corporate VPN and network administration servers including Openview and Big Brother. GoBeam run a Cisco Powered Network of over 200 devices and several thousand nodes. Projects to date include designing and building Gobeam's corporate VPN solution, designing and building three data centers, implementing our BGP infrastructure and NBAR security, designing change control procedures as well as the general day to day maintenance and management of the network. I am second and third tier support for the entire network including our customer issues. I am responsible for documenting my engineering work and writing operational procedures for the Network Operations Center.

The ability to troubleshoot complex network problems quickly and communicate these technical issues to management is crucial in this role as are dedication, flexibility and the ability to work autonomously.

9/1999 - 5/2001

Senior Network Engineer - Lipstream Networks Inc. (US - Permanent)

As a senior network engineer I was responsible for the design and day to day running of Lipstream's networks at four data centers and their corporate headquarters. This included maintaining BGP, OSPF, ACLs, route maps, network address schemes, VLANs, VPN, public data servers and Lipstream's voice services. Lipstream used Cisco equipment in multiple redundant data centers. Projects included designing and building the VPN solution on Cisco equipment and designing and building one of the data centers. My experience in the industry as a whole was utilized in many areas at Lipstream including product development, QA, sales, integration engineering and internal IS. Most notably I spearheaded the early stages of our project to make voice work over proxy servers and implemented our 80 Terra Byte NT/Unix backup solution. I started with Lipstream in the support department and was responsible for building the support lab and a project to implement automated first tier support. I also had two direct reports and managed the wider team for a short time before moving into the network department. I worked with a wide range of customer IP network problems including replicating configurations of routers, firewalls and proxy servers in the support lab. I documented this work and maintained the general FAQ for distribution to customers and end users.

Lipstream became a dot com casualty in May 2001.

09/98 - 9/99

Project Manager - ATA Internet Services (US - 12 month contract)

Reporting directly to President, responsible for project management of Internet server implementations on both Windows NT and Netware platforms. The role included third line support for HP servers and a range of local and wide area networking products including Cisco routers, load balancers, various remote access solutions, VPN and proxy servers.

Flexibility and the ability to work with a wide range of products were essential for this contract.


Senior Support Engineer - The Fractal Partnership (UK - Permanent)

Reported directly to the President, responsible for the project and account management of substantially important clients, such as Gillette. Managed a team of full-time and contract engineers. Third line support and/or installation of Netware, Windows NT, Cisco switches and routers, UNIX, firewalls, VPN, web servers and desktop systems and RAS solutions. All of Fractal's clients were large corporate or banking environments, often with 200 - 300 users per server hence exposure to large NDS (Active Directory) trees and domains. I  managed up to seven full time engineers and numerous contractors in this role.

Projects included the successful large scale upgrade from token ring to 100Mb Ethernet comprising initially of 600 machines and 19 servers. Work done during office moves requiring flexibility and organization.

Positive and beneficial in this position which required varied skills and experience where communication, autonomy and maintaining a co-operative effort were essential, along with working overtime and odd hours.


Senior Systems Administrator - ADT Auctions / BCA (UK - Permanent)

Responsible for platform development, second level support and project management of installations and administration of the Novell 4.1, NT 4.0 and Notes servers and their supporting WAN for the largest car auction company in the UK. Involved in the strategic planning and purchasing of new equipment for a 2000 node network mix of terminals and workstations over kilostream using Windows 95 and 3.11.

Implemented over two hundred networked workstations including 60% upgrades, all with IBM Client Access connectivity software, Notes, nine Novell 4.1 servers, five NT 4.0 servers.


Senior Support Engineer - Excitech Computers, LTD (UK - Permanent)

I was with Excitech, the UK's largest AutoCAD reseller and systems integrator, for seven years. Starting as a Trainee Field Service Engineer for CAD, networks, DTP and general office systems in 1989 I moved on to Senior engineer with the following responsibilities in 1992.

Hands on management of product development, pre and post sales support, and major network installations for many corporate and government establishments, including the Ministry of Defense and key military suppliers. Responsible for whole range of network installations and support from 5 user to 5000 user Novell and NT systems including rolling out workstations. Configuration, specification and support of large range of LAN and WAN technologies including switches and routers and remote access. This role included large scale project management as well as second and third line support to our corporate customers.


Can document procedures and quotations literately and quickly. I Learn quickly and make things happen under pressure. Good with people and communication at all levels. Career long experience working in large network environments. Great personal interest in technology and keeping track of the latest advances. Practical, very versatile, and I like to work in or with a team. Self motivated and organized.


North Oxford Technical College, Oxfordshire, UK

'O' levels in Physics, Electronics, English, Math, Chemistry, Design, History, Sociology
'A' levels in Physics and Electronic Systems (Equiv. to 2 Yrs Degree)

John Lyon School, Harrow, UK

General Studies